Sunday, December 6, 2009


ps- this was my favorite pic of our snow day
in casey's words- "we look like we're married"

and this is my most FAVORITE decoration!
(the stuff above the curtains)
well actually, it runs in close competition with the candy lights
but do you see that garland!?
my mother made it!
it's probably the cutest thing ever!
all the balls are different, and some are glittery, or dull, or bright
and i just love it!
she's just so stinkin creative!
you must come over to our house andlook at it! i just love it!

hope everyone's december is going well and you're loving it as much as we are!

ps- best part of snow? the sound crunching under your feet!!!


Scottie and Megany said...

your house looks so cute! and your tree is awesome! love it :)

Cherri said...

Thankyou and you are cute!