Monday, December 7, 2009


Random thoughts on snow:

  1.  It's so white and pretty!
  2. Kinda like baptism, but not really because after the snow melts away it's actually very yucky and dirty snow is left everywhere...bad analogy
  3.  LOVE the crunching sound of fresh snow under my feet (I purposely go out of my way to step on fresh snow:)
  4.  Everyone looks really really dumb when they slip on ice and try to catch themselves and their arms flail everywhere, if you fall or not you're going to look dumb
  5.  Saw a girl fall today, I giggled (sorry Janell!)
  6.  Slipped on ice myslef today. Didn't fall. Did look stupid as my arms flailed everywhere though. 
  7.  Slipping on ice hurts because (1) you fall on your bum like a small child (2) your body tenses up as you try to stay standing...mmeh
  8.  I broke a nail last year slipping on ice
  9.  Never thought of using an umbrella in snow before until I saw it here
  10. People look funny all bundled up, especially those that look like marshmallows (i.e.- me today)
  11. I feel like it's less cold when it actually snows, is that just me?
  12. If it's cold it should snow, then the cold is fun
  13. I can't drive in snow yet, i feel helpless
  14. I' want to make a snow angel tonight
  15. I do love snow
Thanks for snow Heavenly Father


Cherri said...

Glad you like it.... you can keep the snow.... I it like only a week end at a time. You haven't had to shovel it yet.... good work out... or bad if you have to do it more then once a day. Ask your brother Weston about that one.

Nik and Dawna said...

I can't drive in the snow either. Luckily Nik and I can carpool so I don't have to. It scares me too much.

Cody and Camille said...

Oh look at you all in love with the snow! Does this mean maybe Utah has a little something good to offer that Arizona can't?!? Hmmm??? tee hee

P.S. It's totally not as cold when it snows! Someone told me it has something to do with the clouds still lingering... covering us like a blanket. Whatev though! I don't know.