Friday, December 18, 2009

Imagine this:

it's cold outside.
you have to go to zee bafroom. 
but your hands are full of bags and all thees other thingz.
zee door is locked.
so you have to fumble around to find your keyz and try to open zee door
but can't put down zee bags bc thas gross putting zem on zee floor.
so you struggle vith all your might trying to unlock and open zee door.
once you finally get in zee house,
zee epic journey is not over:
you (I) have to go up zee stariz,
clanking all zee bags on the side of the wallz as you struggle making it up the stairz,
all zee time youstill have to pee REALLY bad
you put zee bags down
but put zem down so zee stuff in the bags don't get all messed up.
zen you FINALLY are able to start your way to zee bafroom
but by now you're trying with all your might to not pee your pants, literally

but you have to take off your glovez,
zen scarf
zen unbutton your jacket
unzip your jacket
take off your jacket
oh yeah, you had to take off your boots when you got in zee house, that vas horrible too

about now you're trying with all your might to seriously NOT to pee your pants

FINALLY after all the excruciating pain of trying to not pee your pants,
you can go to zee bafroom
but zen you have to sit down on zee freezing cold seat- that's death

moral of the story:
when it's cold outside,
your hands are full,
the door is locked
and you have to pee really bad,
it's going to be a long time til the relief.

note- yes i posed for this picture, that is not my jacket or scarf or gloves
nor my santa toilet decorator- but they are all super cool huh? haha 

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Suzie n' Ryan said...

Wow! You're so good a blogging! I wish I was able to keep up with you. You've been married less than a month and already have a billion posts. Good job! I will have to work on our blog more :/ Love you guys!