Saturday, December 26, 2009


Have you ever played the game things?

for example:

Q: What things would you not say to a friend after killing their pet?
Answers during the game:
-Your dumb dog dented my car
-Remember Fido? Well you can forget about him
-We only drug him for an hour...

Q: What things would get a doctor sued for malpractice?
Answers during the game:
- Putting up someone's butt surgory on youtube
-Stitching your initials into the sewn up part of the surgory

Q: What things would get a coach thrown out of the game?
Answers during the game:
-Kickin the 8 year olds for crying
-Punching the old people to vent your frustration
- Giving the ref's joints

i STRONGLY reccommend buying this game for your family
it is endlessly hilarious!

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