Monday, December 21, 2009

honeymoon part 3


i'm pretty sure this is our third day and again,
we had an absolute blast!
we went to the nearby tourist city and looked around and did more bartering!
but it rained on us, ha
it rained hard! and it didn't stop for a few hours!!!
at first casey and i tried to wait it out in a few shops
but decided it'd be more enjoyable if we switched to out swimsuits
and walked up and down the streets!
so we did!

casey was just a crack up the whole time, what's new?
at one point he was walking down a back, cute mexican alley
in his swimsuit (the one i like that he doesn't, what a sport ha),
no shirt,
my purse thrown over his shoulder with a garbage bag over it,
goofy sunglasses,
and flip flops that didn't work,
it was just so funny!
i can't believe it's not on camera!

we found a break in the rain and played on the beach for awhile and it was gorgeous!
white beach,
sparkling teal water,
blue stormy sky
and newlyweds,
just loved it!

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