Saturday, December 19, 2009

what's up doc

if you live in/by/are related to the BYU bubble, it's obvious that we are out of school!
we finally got done with finals! woot woot!
both casey and i had 5 each and got through it, it's so nice to just relax

A few matters on BYU this semester

  • 2 girls were wondering if/how much a smiley face in a text means some kind of affection. Do multiple smiley faces mean a higher rate of affection? I'm serious, i overheard this conversation in the RB
  • Evolution and the concept of Adam and Eve are taught in the same biology lecture
  • The Sunday School teacher has a haircut like Spoc
i love BYU

we are in good ol' Wyoming with Casey's family and having a blast!
we have a reception tonight here which will be fun to get all dressed up again!
it's so nice to be away from school and having fun with family
we do love our family!

hope everyone else is enjoying this christmas season!!

sorry for the billions of post during December, i ihave a lot to say this month
feel no obligation to read every post ;)

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