Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mitchell's journey

There are so many good people in the world. Mitchell and his father Chris are apart of that group.

Watching videos like this is hard for me, it makes my mother heart cry and fear difficult journeys in the future and pray nothing like this happens to our family. But the other part of me is grateful these experiences are apart of life that teach us so much.

Casey's cousin, Brooke, is the anchor in this story and it touched my heart deeply. How can I live for the NOW? What can I can do more for my family to make life more enjoyable and worthy?

I can't imagine going through an experience like this but I'm amazed at this family's strength and courage.

There's always so many wonderful causes to support that you learn about through social media. This is one more. While in dental school it's hard for us to financially support these wonderful causes but I hope that one day soon we can be apart of these efforts, and not just one but many, for there are so many hard things to battle in the world this day, I want to do my part and help join the forces.

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Cherri said...

sniff, sniff... amazing message