Thursday, October 16, 2014

Picturas de iFono

Yesterday I asked the sister missionaries to come over to my house and help me with some deep (and not so deep) cleaning. Oh man, was I ever so grateful for them! A bunch of the little things I've wanted clean got done thanks to their help, they were such a blessing! You should have seen my huge to do list and they crossed off every single one, loved them!!! Beyond that, I'm actually having tons of contractions but hopefully that doesn't mean much!

a. Helping make popcorn
b. & c. We blew up the bounce house in the basement one day, it was hilarious. Good news, it will work for the winter down there!
d. Grocery shopping with dad leads to donuts at the store...
a. Came in to get Maxson from a nap one afternoon and found him like this…pulling the curtains open is his new favorite thing.
b.-d. Playing with our little friend Violet during the Women's Conference session.
a. Adorable boy
b. Pulling friends in the wagon
c. Apparently he knows what to do with a video game controller and the headphones…I wasn't amused nearly as much as Casey (cue head shaking)
d. Getting Halloween out!
a. Tractor watching (we almost do this everyday)
b. The tractor museum- so STOKED to get on one finally. He's obsessed with tractors.
c. Flat Stanley (more on him later) visited the tractor museum with us and CORN FIELDS!
a. The pull out bed was a hit for a good half hour
b. TWO adorable boys post church
c. Found Maxson after a nap with a shirt he had pulled out from his dirty clothes around his waist…really funny sight
d. Tractors...
a. Fall has arrived for sure!
b. Tractors…
c. Doodling
d. Fell asleep on the way to the grocery store, but the show had to go on. That 30 pounds of dead weight was probably much cuter to look at than to hold
a. One morning when Max woke up WAYYYYYY too early, I was desperate and let him watch Frozen on the iPad. You guys, I need my sleep these days ha.
b. Baby!
c. Hanging out in the car. He loved this activity. Always insisting on turning on the DVD player but it never works, I don't know why he continues to try, ha.
d. Watching Max and Casey play outside while I tried to nap.
a.-c. Cake and ice cream at a neighbor's birthday party
d. Getting ready for the babies!
a-b. Casey's on an intramural football team with a bunch of LDS dental and Law students, they all really enjoy it. They've only lost 1 game- the one all the wives came to watch, ha. It's funny because the whole team is much closer to their 30's and most the people they play are about 20, I just think it's funny
c. Proud wife and son even after a losing game (I did see his touchdown!)
d. Maxson was great at eating their post game snacks one of the wives brought, capri sons and cookies!!!
a. So my niece sent me Flat Stanley in them mail. They read a book about how Flat Stanley was squished by a bulletin board so his family would mail him to places he wanted to visit. So she mailed him to me and I showed him around Lincoln!
b. He went to the dental school and got a check up
c. He went to lots of playgrounds because Lincoln has the most amount of City parks/playgrounds in one city of the whole US
d. We were sad when we had to mail him back!

And there we are, all caught up on pictures! Next up: a new home video!

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Kammy Ellis said...

oh you guys are doing so many fun things! are truly amazing! I can get over the game controller thing. Jake is like that with my tablet. I don't like it one bit. Max is looking so grown up! Time goes by too fast