Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aspen Grove friends.

6 girls.
5 states.
3 kids.
3 fetuses.
1 new job.
1 new husband.

A lot changes when you haven't all talked in a year.
But even though we all haven't been together in 5 years, we can still talk and laugh for a good hour and a half on google hangout before the 3 hour time difference gets in the way of our fun. Wish we all lived closer. Love you ladies.

ps- one of these ladies is the brilliant creator of andyoverthinks.com.
Go take a looky for a good laugh, it's one of my faves

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

Thanks for the shoutout Kimber! That was so fun! We need to do it again sooner this time. Haha although....even in the last year nothing has changed for me. Not. One. Thing. haha