Wednesday, October 15, 2014

General Conference Oct 2014

Yesterday was one of those awful pregnancy days. The one I talked about in my 34 week post when I was 33 weeks, remember that? I woke up and just knew it was going to be an awful day. I felt way bigger and slower and uncomfortable than usual. I wanted to be  good mom to Max all day but I just physically couldn't. I mustered up the energy to take him in the car to watch the tractors around the corner from our house and organized the toys into 4 boxes instead of 3 for rotation. It'll be nice now that there will be less toys out at a time as well as now 4 different toys groups to rotate through instead of 3. After that I took a nap with Maxson, I don't remember the last time I missed a nap when Max is napping, it's kinda mandatory these days. I took a shower and made dinner and those last 2 items really killed me. These next 3 weeks are going to go soooooooo SLOWWWWWW. I'm really ready to be done now. I am 35 weeks today, whoopee!

Onto happier items thoughts and activities:

Oh how we loved General Conference this year! Every conference time is truly inspiring. It's never the same now that we have a little toddler running around but we try our hardest. During both morning sessions Maxson was awake and we tried our hardest to distract him and listen intently at the same time. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. But both afternoon sessions we received a tender mercy and Maxson slept through most of those sessions. Oh how grateful we are to hear the prophet and his apostles' voices!

b. fruit necklace that I had prepared the day before was definitely a win. Kept him quiet for a whole talk or more!
a. During Priesthood session, a few girlfriends and their kids came over and hung out
d. After all the sessions were done on Sunday evening, we all played outside for a LONGGGGGGG time.

My favorite talk this year was "Rescue in Unity" by Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong. He outlined the story in the Bible about a man stricken with palsy in Mark 2:1-5. I was so touched how he brought such a new light to these 5 simple verses in the scriptures. I was inspired how he brought the scriptures to life and showed how every person in a ward has a purpose and can help and we all need each other to get things done; good things take work from everyone.

There were of course so many other wonderful talks I was filled with the spirit with while listening but I can't exactly remember them. I cannot wait to read through them again! You can read through/re-watch them here


Cherri said...

You are doing incredible Kimber!

Brooke said...

Look at Casey painting your toes! He's the sweetest!