Monday, October 13, 2014

Worms and other things

After a few days of a ton of rain the kids found that there were tons of worms in our playground area. They dug forever and were so happy when they found one (our little neighbor Julie was a great finder). I showed Max to put his hand out to let Julie give him the worm and the same hilarious thing happened over and over again. He'd immediately drop it and at the same time they ALL would start screaming and laughing. It really was so darn funny (to me at least). There's a video of it on instagram and I just love it.

 My sweet friend Valerie threw me a diaper shower last weekend! So kind of everyone to come. We're going to go through diapers SOO fast over here. There were delicious donuts all around (one of my favesthis pregnancy), apples with amazing dip, and the more incredible homemade hot chocolate. Thank you again friends!
 Four of us are pregnant right now, all due within like 2 months of each other. I throw off the balance of that statement a little bit I feel like…kind of embarrassing to look at this picture, ha.
 Came home from a photo shoot one night to see these 3 dads taking their 3 littles on a walk (with a slide in hand) to the school across the street to have more room to drive their (really cool) remote control cars. It was just too cute.

 Max literally always RUNS to his little trike as soon as the back door opens. Pretty cute.
 And then there's my cute husband. Love this guy


Andy Ballstaedt said...

Your belly knocks their bellies out of the park. I just can't get over the fact that your body is doing that! It's so amazing. You are pulling it off adorably Kimber. Seriously. So glad you got some diapers!

Shane and Clara said...

love this post! And I love that picture of you four pregnant bellys.....I am so amazed at how well you are doing with two babes in that tummy! Isn't it just a miracle how its possible that your body can house 2 babies that look like they are growing well in your belly! What a blessing that they are still growing inside at this point of your pregnancy.
AND I will are totally ALL baby. Its so cute how your belly sticks out. Your gonna have double the JOY enter your heart when those babies arrive! Hopefully not too much longer for you. Wishing you all the best in the final stage Kimber! you are a doll.