Friday, October 17, 2014

Father's and Sons campout

Again, since this was technically Casey's activity, I convinced him to write about it! So another guest post from Casey!

I was excited to take Max on this campout since he kind of understands what it is this year. Here are some pictures of the tent setup and basically Max getting into mischief. He kept running away to all the scouts that were camping at the same site, but not with our group. He kept wanting to take their balls. Haha!
I was afraid that Max was going to be starved because he has been very picky lately with eating food. He loved the Chilli-cheese Brats that we ate so I was excited about that. I also, spoiled him by letting him have some Dr. Pepper. He really liked that and marshmallows and anything with sugar.
This is our little campsite and pictures of the cute baby boy. I love this boy! I'm gladly looking forward to taking him on many more of these events.
We took Cornhole with us and played it at night by lamplight, it was actually very awesome and fun. The kids that were still awake loved it. I love roasting marshmallows they are always so tasty.

So I have to tell a story, Max was a gem, he went to bed at like 830 and was just an angel. He fell asleep on my shoulder so I just put him to bed. At about 2 A.M I here a cry and he is standing up in his pack-and-play wanting to get out. I let him snuggle up to me on the ground for 30 minutes or so. He fell back to sleep for a few minutes than woke back up. He did this several times and I tried putting him back in his bed a couple times, but he kept just crying and was wide awake, he wanted to go outside. I thought in my head I am not dealing with this. So at like 3 in the morning I leave in the van and take him home. (20 minutes away so not a big deal). He went back to bed around 3:30. Me on the other hand, I was awake and could not fall asleep so I just stayed up for the rest of the morning because I knew I had to be back out at the camp ground at 8 A.M. for breakfast. It was a long morning, but still worth it. Max will get better and will learn to stay sleeping.