Sunday, October 19, 2014

This and that from last week

We went to see Meet the Mormons on opening weekend! It was only showing in Omaha (an hour away) so we were trying our hardest to figure out how to make it work with Maxson and sitters, and timing and wanting to go to Costco. In the end we decided the best option was to bring Maxson to the movie with us. Ha, I thought we were so totally crazy but it kinda was our only option. 
 Bringing Maxson actually ended up being just fine. Max loved the previews, ha, and was wowed by such a huge screen. We had a coupon for $1 large popcorn so Casey felt like he just had to get the drink too, which did end up being tasty (side note on the drink- we have soap by our kitchen sink that I thought smelled EXACTLY like Dr. Pepper and every time I used it I had this sudden craving for Dr. Pepper. But I don't drink soda, so it was rely strange. Well I kept telling Casey this and one day he went and bought Dr. Pepper "for himself/me" ha. I ended up trying it and it was awful. It was just too carbonated and not what I had imagined and hoped it to be. Well Casey happened to get Mr. Pibb here at the movie, I tasted it because I was thirsty and THAT WAS THE TASTE! That's what I imagined the soap to taste like! So I was very pleased with this Mr. Pibb choice but I remind you, I don't drink soda usually ever so this was so weird!) The popcorn and drink kept Maxson entertained for a long time and once he lost interest in that and began making loud "mama dada" noises we brought out the iPad and he played games and watched clips of some movies for the next 50 minutes ha. So it worked out fabulous! (We sat in the highest upper left corner so the iPad screen wouldn't bother anyone).

 It was a win for everyone. We all enjoyed our experience of the movie and Casey and I very much enjoyed the movie overall! Go see it if you get the chance, it's worth it!
 Just stacking blocks, ya know...
 There's constantly tractors working around the corner from our house and we hear them almost every morning. Well every morning for the past month Maxson asks to go watch the tractors. First we'd walk over to the tractors. Then we transitioned to driving to the parking lot by the tractors, getting out of the car to go watch the tractors. Now we just drive to where the tractors are, park illegally, and watch the tractors while staying in the car (this was before bed rest began ha).
 One of the reasons I really wanted to get out of the hospital was so I could go home and get my pedicure! I had originally set a goal for myself that at 36 weeks I could go get my pedicure. Then I changed it to 34 once I found out that the average for twins to arrive is 36 weeks, so I wanted to be safe. Well 34 weeks came and went and we just never got around to it. As we were in the hospital at 35 weeks I was kicking myself for not getting my pedicure before! Grr! And at the beginning of the week Casey and I had planned to get our pedicures for Friday (the next day). So we went through our plans and got our pedicures n Friday! It was great. They felt wonderful. (yes Casey got one too, because remember, he likes pedicures:)

 Blue for my boys! Not my typical color, but Casey liked it lots so I went with it :)
These are two of my happiest moments on my first full day of bed rest
a. This beautiful fall tree down the street, it's just so big and so beautiful.
b. A surprise package from a friend: A huge diaper box, oreos, and nursing pads. Best surprise ever!
 Casey's Elder's Quorum had their shotgun shooting activity right when we got back from the hospital. Although he's in charge of it he wasn't going to go because, well I need him home when at all possible to help with Max. But my sweet friend, Kylie, offered to help take care of Max so Casey could go. We were all happy he was able to go and have fun and I was so very grateful for my friend!
 Casey got home from school Friday and I begged him to take Maxson somewhere to play and burn some energy. He sent me pictures all afternoon of them at the park, the library, and out to lunch together. I think they had a wonderful father son bonding afternoon :)
 More little snippets of the days :)

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