Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting pumped up for babies.

Have I ever mentioned how Maxson is OBSESSED with the home videos we make? Seriously, he pays more straight up attention to those than anything else in life. His eyes are glued. He laughs at silly things, he says "no no" on naughty moments or sad moments. His new thing is starting the throw a crying fit when it's time for the video-Maxson to go to sleep. Like tears you guys. He doesn't want it to end. It's super funny.

Well today we were looking at a picture of some babies online (Casey's cousin who had twins a little over a month ago!) and Maxson caught up a glimpse of them and wanted to see more and more! He really does love babies. So I pulled up the 2 videos of him when he's 2-3 months and 4-6 months and he was entranced. He snuggled so close to my face, he giggled at funny parts, he kept pointing and exclaiming "baby!" I kept trying to tell him those videos were of him when he was a baby but I highly doubt he got that. But oh man you guys, watching those videos got me SOOOOOOOOOO excited for these two little boys to come!!!!
At this stage with Maxson I just keep thinking how rather easy it is compared to times in the past: he helps get things for me, he wipes his hands off, he throws (with great force) his dishes in the sink, he opens and closes doors for me, he entertains himself a lot, he truly interacts with me and exchanges words and emotions, etc. It's just so much stinking fun.

And I've been comparing this to what it's like to have  new little baby. Don't get me wrong, I remember babies are cute and cuddly and squishable, but I also remember that they are a lot of work. So many more diaper changes, they want to be held a ton, sometimes they cry and you don't know why, they kinda just lay there for a long time, can't really entertain themselves, definitely no help in the cleaning up department, a little interaction but not interaction like a 2 year old, it's just different. But watching those videos got me SO PUMPED up to be having babies again. They're cute sweetness is overwhelming, watching them grow is incredible, they're so cuddly, they don't make mischief, they're just so sweet!!!! Ah, I cannot wait you guys!!!!

And continuing to watch Max interact with babies right now gets me really excited to be bringing monkeys home to him. We put the pack n play up in our room and other than the fact that he really wants to get in it, he loves to throw put his baby doll in it. Like I said in the videos, he loves to point at them and gets really excited when he sees babies in general. I'm a little worried about the over smothering part and the babies getting boring to him part and the mom is cuddling too much with them i'm jealous part. But eh, we'll deal with it when it comes.


Lara Graham said...

You. Are. A. Rockstar.

Lara Graham said...

And those babiesssss. so cute.

Brooke said...

Ahhhh baby Maxson is the sweetest! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THESE BOYS!!!! If they look anything like Max, oh man. Watch out ladies. You are such a good mama Kimber!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I can't wait for twin videos! You're getting so close Kimber! Keep putting Frozen on repeat for you and Maxson to watch on repeat in the meantime haha. He'll love it and so will you :)