Friday, October 31, 2014

Introducing our new babies

 (Left) Bryson Woodruff Cutler
5# 10.8 oz 
19 1/4 in
1:54 pm

(Right) Quinn Woodruff Cutler
6# 2 oz
19 3/4 in
2:01 pm

We are all doing perfect! Since the boys were born at 35 weeks and 6 days, they were technically 1 day short of that "full term" 36 weeks and had to go to the NICU to be monitored. While being at the NICU they were under the microscope which made us stay longer than the average time sadly. 11 days later we have finally made it home! 

Questions to be answered:

Although the picture above might lead you to believe I had a C-section, I did not, thank goodness, and have recovered from birth and delivery amazing quickly this time around. (In this picture above I am holding Bryson and Casey Quinn.)

Yes, the boys are identical! I just found out today actually! I get asked a lot already if I can/how I can tell them apart. Face wise I do think they look different, Quinn has a tiny bit of a rounder face and just seems like different features than Bryson. BUUUUUUUT the number one way to tell them apart, drum roll………………………………..Bryson has a freckle/dot under the left eye! You can see it in the top picture, it's our saving grace. In all pictures you can always see one of the left sides of the boys so we can already tell the different between them in pics. 

My mom arrived when they were 3 days old and stays for a total of 2 1/2 weeks. We'd be drowning without her. When se leaves, Casey's mom comes in the next day. We appreciate all the help we are getting so very much!

Maxson has done so wonderful thus far with the babies. He was SO excited for them to come home. "Babies" is definitely the hot word at our house. He didn't mind one bit that I was gone for so long at the NICU.

Birth story later. I have a bunch of stuff written in Word docs but I didn't have internet while at the NICU so have been unable to to blog. Hopefully I can soon!


Jessie and Austin said...

Yessss! I have been waiting for a blog :) and SO HAPPY YOURE HOME!!

Alissa said...

I have been anxiously awaiting this post! So happy you are home and you are all doing well. Can't wait to meet your little fellows.

Melissa Phillips said...

Ditto on waiting for the post. I'm so happy for you Kimber. And how fun they are identical. Cool story.

Suzanne and Nate said...

Yay! So happy to see a post! And they are so so handsome!!! I can't wait to come visit, I was thinking I'd wait a little bit, but now after reading this, maybe can I come sooner? I'll text you. But I'm so so happy for you guys, and that you are home. Love them and you by the way looked beautiful at church today!