Saturday, September 20, 2014

Maximus at 21 months

(my plan is to update this with pictures, I don't think I'm going to get around to taking his pictures for a couple weeks though so I'm going to just go ahead and post this since I wrote it Sept 1st anyways, ha.)

My baby is so big. 21 months. When people ask how old he is I never know what to say. He's 1, but he's so much bigger and older than what you think a 1 year old is. He's kinda close to 1 1/2 but again, he seems much older and bigger than what you'd think an 18 month old. People without toddlers get all flustered and confused when I say 21 months trying to do all the math in their head. Almost 2 is 3 months away, he's not a 2 year old, he's still my baby boy 1 year old. Ha, it doesn't matter but it does to me. So usually I'll say, he'll be 2 in December so 20 months (that was my response during the month of July).

NO is the chosen word for nearly everything. No as in I don't want to do x. No as in I know this is a no no and I'm telling it to you. Or No as in I just like to say that word because I get a reaction out of you. Take your pick.

He is definitely a busy boy. Always into something new it seems like and going from one activity to the next constantly. For the most part he's not intentionally naughty. Of course he is sometimes, I'm just talking about the majority of the time he's really pretty great: sweet, obedient, helpful. Of course I think he's the best thing ever because I'm his mama. He's really not that destructive which is very good.

He's beginning to get opinionated and able to really communicate what he wants (even if it is with a yell/squeal, we're communicating, ha). Today for church he insisted he wear the red pants, not the khaki ones. Often times during the week he'll persistently ask me to put his church shoes on and wear them all around the house in the morning while his PJ's are one.

If he wants food he'll go find it, unless that area is locked (mwahaha! parenting victory with child locks!) The other day before we had the fridge lock on, he opened it, got out yogurt and brought it to me. He had already had one that morning so I told him no and why and asked him to put it back. He goes bcd to the fridge puts it back, and then brings me the bottle of whip cream. I thought that was jus so funny that I obliged with a little squirt in his mouth, he thought I was so awesome (and I kinda did too a little;)

He sings let it go, I kid you not. If somehow he's triggered to remember the movie (which really he hasn't seen that much) he'll start singing "gooooooo! (pause) goooooo!" It's flipping adorable. I need to catch it on video before he stops.

He's been playing with toys longer than he used to which is so much fun and great for me. Tonight he got out a little bag of army men I picked up years ago at a Goodwill and I taught him to line them up on the bottom little ridge of his crib, it was great.

Along the line of toys, shape sorting and puzzles he's been getting fantastic at. It's fun to see that progress from even 2 months ago.

He's my little shadow. I go upstairs, he goes upstairs. I go down, he goes down. I go to the bathroom he goes in the bathroom (to then play in the sink). I like it.

Although he does love me so very much, he's been obsessed with Casey lately. Constantly asking for "dada? dada? go? dada?" And it just keeps going. He's always very concerned when dada is not around. The other day Casey ran into the bank for about 15 minutes and Maxson's eyes were welling up with tears, it was so sad. He was so persistent on dada. I keep telling Casey he likes him more than me but he reassures me that he does the same thing with "mama" when I'm gone, who knows if that's the truth.

He loves playing in the drives seat with the "teeees" (keys).

He gets very excited to go next door to play with Julie and Grace (and all their toys).

His new words these days are apple, iPad, poopoo, peepee, tractor, choochoo, popsicle (pop pop)

It's funny how kids automatically translate words into repeated syllable representations and are more attracted towards sounds like that: mama, dada, papa, poopoo, peeped, pop pop, buh buh. The only word we can think of that he says as just one syllable is ball

His yes is still a grunt. Not necessarily a man grunt but more of a short "hmm" grunt. We keep trying to get him to say "yaya" in response to a yes questions because he can say that but sticks with his "hmm" grunt int he end.

When he says/repeats the prayer for his turn, he does that same "hmm" grunt for every word except dear, mama, dada, and babies.

He loves to point out people who are not folding their arms for the prayer.

He's getting pretty dang close to pedaling. He can kinda do it on a few different tricycles, I bet within the month he'll be pedaling. One of his favorite activities is riding his little trike down our driveway and all along the sidewalk of of our house. He's been SO awesome at not going into the street anymore, hallelujah.

He loves all things animals, especially dogs. In the car, he spots them immediately in front or n the side of our car even when they're far away. I really wish we could have a dog for him (and to clean up all the messes he makes on the floor during mealtimes). If we're outside and someone is walking  dog we HAVE to go pet the dog, it's his favorite things I swear.

He's an excellent sleeper, sleeping 12-13 hours at night and naps anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the day's activities and timing of naps (and if the lawn is being mowed, grr).

He's a great cuddler when the time is right, in the mornings, going to bed, sitting down to watch a special occasion movie. For some wild reasons he let me hold and cuddle and rock him for about 5 minutes sat church and my heart wanted to burst. It was the best.

Sometimes if he gets a short nap he wakes up really crabby which is the worst. I give 1/3 of an otter pop and he usually turns back into my happy baby. I eat the other 2/3. This morning while getting ready for church he fell off the edge of the bathtub (that's where he stands to play in the sink) and must have gotten hurt somewhere. It was so sad. I gave him a popsicle to help him feel better plus I saw a little bit of bloody saliva coming out of his mouth so I figured a cold popsicle would be good for it. Well since it 10 am I didn't want my part of the popsicle. Maxson was very concerned I wasn't eating the popsicle, ha. Kept quizzically looking at me with his hands in the where'd it go look and saying "pop pop?"

Things that give him the most excitement in life: dogs, bubbles, our new bounce house, going over to Grace and Julie's house, dada coming home, being chased by dada, getting out of his crib in the morning

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