Saturday, September 27, 2014

picturas de iFono

a. Some couples eat ice cream together at night, we eat chocolate cereal. Usually always cocoa pebbles, but on this occasion casey bought the chocolate  marshmallow matey's for himself.
b. Waking up from naps with books in hand
c. Gearing up for the ice bucket challenge. 
d. Park play.
a.-c. Children's Museum
d. Having a blast at Toys r Us
 a.-b. We found this bounce house at a garage sale for $50 and couldn't resist. Maxson has a BLAST on it as well as all the neighborhood kids. $50 well spent in our books
c. Child locks = parenting VICTORY
d. Table playing
 a.-b. Switched off temple sessions while watching Maxson at the Winter Quarter's temple.
c. Toddler bed completely FINISHED with all my wanted little details.
d. Playing ring around the rosie in the empty pool.
 a. Labor Day BBQ with friends, Casey played with the kids the whole time
b. SWIMMING! It was finally hot enough when we got back from our summer trips, we were very happy!
c. Lucky Casey always gets the rare occasions for Maxson to fall asleep on him.
d. Celebrating our little friend's birthday while playing with his new toys, ha.
 a.-d. Daddy came to the Children's Museum with us! (And pushed just as many buttons as Max did) They had a blast together (while I tried to sit a lot and watch)
 a. King of the bed.
b. Tractor watching.
c. tip: I don't make very many freezer meals but when I do, I line the bottom with tin foil so once it's frozen I can take the pan away and keep using my dish again.
d. mess maker (eggs)
 a. Baby boy bow ties!
b. Family guacamole party
c. Maxson is always very interested in my sewing
d. Trying to reach far lost toys
 a. More tractors, he LOVES watching these tractors. Sadly, they're not working by our house anymore
b.-c. Hot cocoa sharing
d. This cartoon has stayed up somewhere in all of our homes since 2010. Usually in the kitchen
 a.-d. We got to go to the Omaha zoo with our friends a couple weeks ago. It was so very fun! We nay saw a few exhibits because I can't last very long walking and little children's attention spans can't last long either. 
 a.-b. enchanted by the monkeys
d. Max took a 40 minute nap on the way home from the zoo and was wide awake but the time we got back. I on the other hand was DOG TIRED exhausted and dying for a nap. Frozen kept his attention for 15 minutes, enough time for me to at least get a quick power nap.
 a. Frozen peas for lunch
b. Proud momma to see this, HE finally put all the ducks in the pond himself!
c. Dental BBQ (annual lamb roast) that I didn't get to go to because I was sick.
d. The view of watching him struggle carrying the watering can to the garden will only be lasting a little bit longer sadly. It's so stinking cute though
 a. My to-do list is slowly disappearing, YAY!
b. September is/was busy for us. This probably doesn't look very busy compared to other families but for this family 3 and a very pregnant momma we've been ultra busy.
c. Lincoln biker gang
d. The Halloween aisle captivates Maxson
 a. He lugs the milk into the house torus after grocery shopping and it's hilarious.
b. I'm starting to eat A LOT of food these days. 2 sandwiches please.
c. Insisting he sit at the table to eat a meal for the second time in a row
d. one of the babies crawled under the car and ALL the children were very eager to watch.
 My pregnant belly table.

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

This was really fun! i loved the child lock, the idea about frozen food!!, finding lost toys, your to-do list, etc. etc.