Friday, September 19, 2014

Hawaii part 3

Wednesday the other 10 members of the family drove way down south again to go to on a zip lining adventure. I of course, being 6 months pregnant with twins, could not join that activity and Casey was sweet enough to stay behind with me. We lounged around in the morning, did a little shopping/looking around in Hanalei, came back to the resort and went down to the beach and then back up to the pool and by that time everyone was coming back! It was really good for my body to have a pure relaxing day with no activity, I sure needed it. I am sad I had to miss out on so many things because I was so far along being pregnant but it's ok, I will go back again at some point (and make sure I'm not pregnant) and get to experience it all again with Casey). Here's some random scenery photos of this down time day. The flowers were so gorgeous and grew EVERYWHERE with ease!

 It seemed as if my brother Weston and Casey were always in cahoots teasing Scott and later Whitney about something or another.

 The day before after kayaking we stopped at this yummy little food truck with these two siblings. How I love me some good tacos!

 Casey was happy there was a Puka Dog really close to our resort just in Hanalei. I think he ate there 3 times. I'd have to agree, those hot dogs are dang amazing and totally out of this world. Pineapple relish? My mouth is watering just as I write this...

Thursday was, you guessed it, more snorkeling! I think the group all went to Queen's Bath this day, again, the hike was too much for me so Casey and I stayed back (bless his heart) he's so sweet to say that he and I will get to experience for the first time ourselves another year. I think that afternoon a bunch of people went to Secret Beach. Casey joined them this time but, yet again, too much of a hike and I missed out. I saw videos of him being happily thrashed by waves as he tried to body surf them, that man is always making me laugh.
Now that I'm writing this all the days are a little of a blur now. Friday I think we went and snorkeled tunnels beach again (it's just that good!) and went back to Lumahi beach in the afternoon. Mostly the week consisted of lounging on beaches and snorkeling, I'm definitely not complaining though.

Funny story about these chairs below: My parents and my uncle and aunt switch off on this time share in Hawaii. They don't provide beach chairs though, boo. And chairs are like $20 or more everywhere. So the first time they all went together, they bought chairs and then triple bagged them and hid them in the jungle until the next time they'd come, HA! Such a "Holman" trait/thing to do and it made us all laugh but I APPRECIATED it so dang much! Seriously, those chairs made all the difference for me at those beaches. So thank you to my mama and Uncle Bill.
always turtles to be found!

Friday evening the storm began making it's way through (well actually the said hurricane/tropical storm) so everyone kinda secluded themselves seeing what the next few days had in store for us all! We played a few games and had a good old time of it all amidst the rain.

Saturday was a pretty gloomy day, the hurricane had turned into nothing but a big rainstorm but the waters were much higher everywhere, the water choppier, and the sun covered. Casey went snorkeling with Logan and Blair at the beach that our car had problems at earlier in the week. We drove a little further down the road and he tried body surfing at this one beach with some pretty sweet waves. He was the only fun/crazy one who did and I admit I was both afraid for his life and jealous I could not get on a boogie board and join him. After the body surfing stint we walked up and down some of the shops in the nearby town. Actually everyone else walked and I chose to sit on a bench pretty soon after we got there. You guys, walking became a lot of work for me this trip, ha.

By the way, Casey became quite the bird man this trip, feeing all the little chicks at the beach (picking them up too) and then at our resort he was always sitting on the balcony with bread in his hand waiting for the birds to come eat out of his hand and sure enough they did. I will have a strong memory of Casey singing the "toppins for birds" song from Mary Poppins.

Sunday was a strange day, all of our flights were red eye, but we were booted out of our timeshare at 11 or something but since it was Sunday we also didn't want to do water activities really. So we took our time packing and getting ready to leave and such. Once we did leave we did a little tourist picture taking at places we hadn't before, we admired all the new waterfalls all over the mountains from the rainstorm, we visited a couple waterfalls we could drive to, Casey kept trying to catch more little chicks, we visited the lighthouse, and we did a couple last minute stops a shops we had forgotten to buy stuff at. It was a good relaxing day but I was just dying to get back to my little boy. I haven't written about it thus far but being away from Maxson for so long so dang hard. I missed that little boy so much and would eagerly wait everyday for the time we got texted pictures of him or got to FaceTime him. Having him come to Hawaii with a nanny in tow would be the perfect vacation.

 Kirk and Whitney: the selfie pros
 photobombing Kirk and Whitney's selfies

 A view of Lumahi beach from above. And our resort in the distant background.
The flight home was AWFUL. We left at 9 pm, midnight AZ time, and got back at 6 am AZ time. My back was even worse coming back on the flight, I had the middle seat, Casey the window and there was the tallest man ever on the aisle seat with a bunch of his kids across from him so I knew he wouldn't switch. I had to get up a ton of times again for the comfort of my back and got maybe 15 minutes of sleep at the most. I was dog tired for the next day but oh so excited to see Maxson!
Hawaii was such a wonderful trip and I'm ever so thankful my parents invited us, that all my sibling made it work to go as well, and that we too were able to make it over there even me being 24/25 weeks pregnant with twins. Such a fun trip that we'll always forever remember! 

(I may blog about Hawaii another time when my siblings give me their pictures. Ahem, siblings!)