Friday, September 26, 2014

Applejack festival 2014

We made it out to the applejack festival once again this year and had a blast (remember how much fun we had last year?). When we got there in the morning it was raining cats and dogs and seemed like it may not let up. But we along with the friends we were with decided to brave the weather and just go for it knowing that the rain would make a fun memory right? Plus we had our umbrellas and had already driven the hour away, we were not going to be deterred. Also our really cool friend brought Apple Jacks to snack on for the car ride there which was excellent!

After looking around the barns for a good 30 minutes admiring the amazing fruit concotions of butters, syrups, sauces, and spices, it completely stopped raining, cleared up to some great blue skies and we went and had a grand old time!
 The first thing we insisted on doing once we got there was to pick up a box of these amazing apple cinnamon donuts. OH MY HECK. They are definitely on my list of all time favorite donuts. Casey made sure to pick up 8 or more different boxes to find the hottest one available. The were so dang scrumptious. I think there were nay 3 left in the box by the time we left and it was only Casey and I eating that dozen… I don't regret my decision one bit.
 We were brilliant this year in that we carried Maxson around in the ergo this year! We all loved it so very much for so many different reasons for this trip.
 Apple picking we go!
Well actually Casey and max along with our friends went apple picking because that was too much walking for me…

this picture was texted to me while they were apple picking. cat nap.

It wasn't until after probably almost 2 hours Max came out of that backpack and as soon as he did he began running down the apple aisle slipping in the mud, too funny. He just hung out there for a good 2 minutes for some reason.
 Both Casey and our friend, Ross, got some good arm/shoulder workouts holding up that 30+ pound child trying to get him to pick the perfect apple, ha.
 Max was real proud every time he got an apple down.
 Our friend decided to climb the tree himself to pick a huge batch of awesome apples, we were all laughing.
 Because of all the rain, the parking lot was a BEAST. (We got there early enough where we got to park IN the real parking lot, ha). These awesome volunteers were so muddy by the time we left helping push cars that were stuck out.
 Posed picture time :)
 You guys, my belly is huge. 31.5 weeks here.
It's obvious I love Maxi dresses while pregnant but sometimes they're length just gets TOO hot! Does anyone else knot them up?
 And these are our new friends, Ross and Aly. They are some pretty cool cats. We love new cougar friends.
The end.


Cherri said...

I want to plan a trip one of the years to go to that festival with you..... looks like fun... more so with 3 little boys next time!

Melissa Phillips said...

You are too cute!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

looks like fun. i love the way your maxi looks tied up! very cute on your belly.