Monday, September 22, 2014

From cookies to naps to books (and big boy toys too)

Cookie making. Maxson is beginning to LOVE helping me make stuff. Usually he stands on his stool and I'll let him dump one thing or another in the bowl to get mixed up. The kitchen on the other hand, HE LOVES that puppy. Turning it up to the highest speed naturally and then I freak out. This evening I somehow had enough energy to make the M&M cookies I'd been craving for over a week. Max was beyond thrilled when I pulled out the M&M's and wanted to pick them out every time the mixer stopped and he had a chance. 

 Once we totally him he really had to stop and get down he was distraught, poor thing.
 Brought in the camera when he awoke from his nap recently. He's a hoot at times.

 While editing some of the photos from my mini session this past week (you can see some of them that I've finished thus far on my photo blog!) I looked outside to see this, how darn cute, am I right? So headed outside to capture a moment f this fatherly-son bonding.
 Look at this cuteness. What I didn't realize was that Casey was literally waiting for the UPS man to deliver his new toy to our doorstep. This is Casey's look of excitement when the UPS man came down the street, Max was still confused.
 Opening the new toy, OH THE THRILL! As Casey was "oohing" and "ahhing" over it all, literally oohs, ahhs, and wows were the only syllables coming out of his mouth, Maxson began mimicking all his sounds and putting on his excitement face (mouth in a big oval shape with wide eyes). Sometimes I feel like I already do have 2 children...
 And look at this picture. 
I saw it happening and knew I had to race to my camera to capture it, because more than a year ago we saw the same thing!
 photo IMG_8167copy_zpsb5c63663.jpg

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