Wednesday, September 24, 2014

31/32 weeks

Every week I'm still pregnant it's like a triumph to me. Sounds silly but it's true. There are so many reasons that twins come early that are totally out of your control. It's just so strenuous on your body and there's nothing you can do about it. So good job body I'm so very proud of you!

I look at some of these pictures and think "Man, I'm really that big? I don't feel that big. Dang, my belly really is huge!"

So 32 weeks is technically on Wednesday, today, these pictures were taken at 31 weeks 3 days. And then we went to the doctor at 31 weeks 5 days, so this is really a 31/32 weeks post.

I swear every person I meet asks the same question "How are you feeling?" Strangers, friends, family, EVERYONE. I know it's all in good intentions, really people are just being kind and wondering how's pregnancy going, but oh man I'm tired of that question. Ha, everyday and week is different though. Casey is the only one who probably doesn't care "How I'm feeling" and surely never asks me because I voluntarily tell him everyday how's it going and he just knows from the activities that I say I'm willing/not willing to do, my complaints, just everything. Poor man, he's seriously been SUCH a trooper this pregnancy really stepping up to help out/do SO many more things because I physically can't sometimes. Oh how I love and appreciate him.

I'm still amazed by all the comments of "Oh you must be so uncomfortable/ you look so uncomfortable" Really, people? No I'm fine, people. Again, I know people are just trying to empathize with me and be kind but...

We had a growth scan this week and the boys were somewhere around 4# 6 oz and 4# 2 oz, which is AWESOME! I can't believe how big they're measuring at this point already it's actually so totally awesome and I'm way proud of them for growing so well. The doctors ideally want less than a 10% difference between their weights, you know, so they are growing equally/proportionately and that one isn't getting more nutrients than the other, they're at 5% which is great. They were both head down at this appt, face down too. I'm totally cool with not getting fun ultrasound pictures of their faces because Max was always face up, looking straight up at us and he came out that way too! So if they're always looking down hopefully that's a good foreteller!

My blood pressure is still wonderful amazingly enough, no swelling, not really any stretch marks thanks to either this being a second pregnancy or that I'm actually using shea butter lotion stuff religiously everyday, that might not be the case in the next few weeks, who cares. All my the weight of gained literally feels like it's right in front of me hanging on my belly, my back is taking a beating for it. I wear a pregnancy support belt that actually helps A TON. It's relieved so much pain.

Casey and I both agree that we're finally at the point where we're really excited for them to come, it's going to be here in less than 6 weeks! At the same time, we're still a little overwhelmed at how hard it may be with 2 babies at one time, but we're gearing ourselves up for the worst, ha.

We reorganized our master room layout yesterday to accommodate the babies once they come. Little steps like this is sure making it seem real! We have lots of different scenarios of what we'll do for sleeping arrangements for when they get here, all involve a white noise machine in each room, ha, got to drown everyone out!

I went through all the baby clothes I have from newborn-about 6 months last week. I really have no idea what I'm going to do clothing wise ha, should I buy more? Should I tough it out and make what I have work? So many decisions! Hope these little boys are good to me!

I had a goal to pack my hospital bag at 30 weeks, well 2 weeks later it's still on the list. I actually did something about it yesterday though and made a little list of what I might need to pack. I remember thinking last time that I should write down what I actually used from my hospital bag because I felt like I used NONE of it, ha. Anyone else feel that way? So hopefully I can get it packed this week without too many unnecessary things I won't use (like last time!)

Happy 32 weeks to me, these 2 babies, Casey, and Maxson!


The Blackwelders said...

Way to go Kimber!

Brooke said...

Oh my word Kimber you are amazing! And beautiful! I'm so excited for you, it's so close!!!!

Cherri said...

Wow.... just shaking my head and yes so glad they are staying in as long as they are... go boys!

Andy Ballstaedt said...

I want to read this post and stare at these pictures all day. I don't know what all the right things to say to a pregnant woman are. Seems like nothing makes them happy, but I will tell you this, your belly is AMAZING- I can't believe a human body can do that, AND at the same time look completely normal everywhere else. How is it possible you have TWO PEOPLE LIVING INSIDE OF YOU RIGHT NOW?? Please do a webcam diary of your first 6 months with three kids!

Andy Ballstaedt said...
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