Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A story about waffles.

Have I ever written about the story of waffles and labor with Maxson? I think I've not so I will do so now because it's funny.

At some point during my labor with Maxson, during the 2 hours I was pushing, Casey decided he was hungry. He must have mentioned that out loud or something because the nurse said "well you better order soon before the breakfast kitchen closes." So amidst my incredibly strenuous, tiring bouts of pushing, Casey asks me "Babe, do you want waffles or pancakes?" In my overly exhausted state of mind my thoughts are "WAFFLES! OF COURSE I WANT WAFFLES! WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THAT STUPID QUESTION WHILE I'M PUSHING A BABY OUT OF MY BODY?! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT I PREFER WAFFLES OVER PANCAKES AND YOU DARE ASK ME RIGHT NOW!?" But all I could snap at him was a very irritated
"Do you think I care about that right now?!"

He ordered me pancakes.

Now I personally love this story because I think it's hilarious that Casey was trying to be considerate in asking me what I would prefer for breakfast but also incredibly awful timing to ask such  question while I'm exhausted in the middle of pushing during labor. I laugh at the thoughts in my head and how I could not get them out but in reality I did have a very strong opinion but it was not worth my energy to share it. And I laugh that in the end he ordered me the wrong thing.