Thursday, September 11, 2014

A little of life lately

Here's a few small cute/funny moments I actually caught on camera recently. It's so hard for me to a) get my lazy bum up and actually take a picture of the situation b) my phone is usually much more convenient c) catching the cute moment before he becomes more interested in my phone or the camera is getting difficult. I digress, he are the cute moments:

We have this little duck game, the water moves in a circle moving the ducks around, he decided to put goldfish on it one day, very entertaining for him and I
a) Cute messy boy eating yogurt, he loves  yogurt
b) his very serious intent face while playing on my phone. I'd say about 90% of the time when he gets ahold of a phone he goes straight for the photo album and just wants to watch videos of himself and point out people he recognizes in pictures. His favorite thing to watch by far is the little videos I make of our family. 
 Pedal training. He loves riding this bike around so much. As soon as we walk out our back door he jumps on it, rides it down the driveway, onto the street, around the corner, down that sidewalk. It's definitely one of his favorite activities.
 Casey's first day of his 3rd Dental school year! This was lunch time on his way back and he didn't want to take a picture, but somehow I got him to jump in excitement for me. He is enjoying his 3rd year  a BILLION times better already than his 1st and 2nd years. He's in the clinic actually doing stuff 60-70% of the time finally doing real dental work. I'm happy that he's happier.
 I've dealt with this mess before…I should have been smarter...
 He loves the song "Let it Go" along with every other child in America. When I start singing it to encourage him to sing it (he does and it's freaking adorable) he starts searching for the actual movie within our DVD's to watch the whole movie, ha. At this point. I don't feel like I need him entertained by movies (he'll probably get enough of that while I nurse in the coming months, let's be honest) so instead I've gotten in the habit of letting him watch a you tube clip of that song part of the movie to appease his wishes. He watches it with full attention and then goes around the house singing "Dohhhhhh! (pause) Dohhhhhhh!" it's one of my favorite things.

 Being woken up up by mom and dad from his nap. Such a sweetie. I love his glazed eyes and sleep marks all over his face.
 Nose picking and snuggling usually ensue post naps too

I'm trying so hard to slow down the days I have with just Maxson. I know my attention and time with just Max is coming to and end real quick. I find myself reading more books to him at each going to bed moment when he literally has a pile of 8 to read. When he begs for more and more songs at bedtimes I oblige and keep singing and rocking and snuggling him not at all wanting to disagree with him (except after like 6 songs). Although it's really uncomfortable to sit on the ground and bend and reach for things, I stay for longer periods than I used to building towers for him to knock down and making other random toys come to life (granted his attention span and play time is getting longer too). I just find myself lingering longer at all my activities with Maxson. I'm sad for our time together, just him and I, to be ending so soon, but I'm so excited to be adding more babies to our family too. It will be hard, but it will get easier with time and everything will feel right again 3 kids.