Thursday, February 20, 2014

mess maker

this was last week.
 photo IMG_9206copy_zpsc8f85284.jpg
i came down stairs to find him covered in nesquick chocolate milk mix, covered.
i took it away asap to prevent  bigger mess but i should have left it for the picture, ha.
when he saw me his eyes got really big and he began shoving the powder into his mouth.
he was also trying to get his hand in the honey bottle that the lid had somehow come off of.

he brings joy to my heart.

on another note i made it through october of our 2013 photo album,
i didn't work on it for a month but i'm determined to finish it by the time the olympics are over.


Alissa said...

Ohhh too funny. What an awesome mama you are to take pictures instead of freaking out.

Brooke said...

Haha I'm with Alissa, this would have stressed me out, good for you Kimber! Life with a toddler, man. I can't wait for that! I'm sure I will be calling you for tips haha :)

Cherri said...

You have to start making a list.... it will be soooo fun to easily read later.... (Kirk has a list) I can soooo easily see Kirk in that picture.