Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bahama Bucks and swimming in AZ

When we got back to Arizona, guess what we did? 
Swim swim swim swim swim.
A bunch of these pictures are so similar but I love all of Maxson's expressions. He loved this little squirt gun and was oober proud of himself when he could finally fill the gun and squirt it himself.
 The second picture is Max doing itsy bitsy spider on the wall. (Look ma, no hands!)
 a. Look at that cute little bum
b. Maxson LOVED spraying Casey and I with the freezing cold hose. I think that was even better than the squirt gun.
 Another night we finally got to take Cody and Camille's family to Bahama Bucks, Casey was really excited, as was the rest of the crew!
 I love this little series of 3 pictures, Brielle taking the first sips of a smoothie and Jaden disappointed, haha.
 We LOVE our Bahama Bucks, that snow is just so dang smooth!
 We took a trip to IKEA (IKEA!!!!) to pick up  few little kid things (I wish it was furniture!). Well we got to try out our new groovy stroller! Let me tell you, it's gonna be pretty sweet with the twins and Maxson!

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Cherri said...

That Boy has so many cute expressions!