Monday, July 29, 2013

so close

here we are.
on the eve of casey's last big test of his first year.
he's been diligently studying his buns off for it
and so ready to take it already and be done.
we all are.
we're all aching for a little vacation.
for (extended) family time.
for some more extra little fun than that that we're used to.
we're so close!

we're close to the end of the summer.
if you know how much i love summer, you'd know how sad i am.
i'm glad we'll be ending the summer off with a little bang,
but as always, the "summer" as gone too fast.
slipped away like that! (cue snapping finger).
would you believe that it's been in the 70's here for nearly a week now?
it's the end of july and it feels like fall already over here!

we're so close to 8 months old.
yes maxson will be 8 whole months old this week and i can't believe it.
i swear i just had a baby!
but now that baby is crawling everywhere and standing himself up on everything.
growing up too fast, as always.

what else are we close to?
so close to the end of a bunch of different craft/home projects, but alas, they haven't gotten done.
so close to no more of my dishes in my sink!
so close more fruits/veggies to pick from our tiny little garden.

all is well.
all those things will come in due time, and if they don't, we will still be happy over here.

as you read this think your mind


Brooke said...

Good luck Casey! And I hope you guys can find some fun things to do before summer ends :)

Cody and Camille said...

Hope you have so much fun visiting family! A well-deserved break for both of you:) Hope the test went super well Casey!!!

curtis and jacque dana said...

I swear I stress just as much for Curt's tests if not more. Hope it went well and you get to enjoy I'm sure a much needed break(: