Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a few tips from a really lazy "couponer"

let's talk about couponing really quick
i used to be super into it.
like super duper.
and i really loved it.
we think it's lots of fun to find really awesome deals on stuff you'd already normally buy.

but now days with my baby and all the other things i want to invest my time into, i just shop the sales and use a few coupons here and there,
nothing too serious.
i still follow for awesome deals and that's where i find most of my stuff.

let's talk about target though.
they are sure upping their couponing competition!
hypotheticallly you could use ALL of the following in the same transaction (if they offered all these coupons at once)
manufacturer coupon.
target coupon. ( includes onine printed out coupons, shopkick app coupons, and mobile coupons)
cartwheel app coupon (takes like %5 off or something)
ibotta app coupon (puts money back into your paypal acct)
PLUS if you have a target red card you can use that and save another %5!

that is a lot of discounts in one transaction/for one item!!!!!!!!

i only do deals hip2save tells me to, it's the only smart way to do that.
i tried that cartwheel app a week ago, but don't know if it went through... but that's a really easy one i'll keep using i think.
i don't have a target red card and probably won't open one, we really like using our southwest one to FLY BACK TO ARIZONA!

but what i'm really trying to get at is this new ibotta app.
i used it tonight and GEE it's a lot of work!
BUT i'm going to at least use it for 5 different items because once you do that, they just give you $10 in your paypal account, how sweet is that???

why am i writing this?
to encourage you to do just those 5 items too and get $10, and because i like telling my friends how to get free money!
(not really free, you have to answer a few questions, then take a picture of your receipt and the barcode on the product for each "coupon" . like i said, too much work in my mind maybe? but i'll do 5 for $10).
i'm not sure what happens to me if you sign up with "my link" but here's the link to sign up!

good luck!!!


AN Petersen said...

I tried doing Ibotta too, too much work for me. Plus i didnt tend to buy the things that were on the app so i gave up on that one.

Hena Tayeb said...

I'm not a good couponer.. though I do look and use for codes when shopping online.. by best find I think is where when you shop through one of their links you get cash back.. it's easy which is why I like it.

Rachel Long Ostler said...

I'm all for people using their miles cards to get miles when they shop (I use my alaskaair all the time) but having worked at Target I am a BIG proponent for the Redcard! Seriously think about doing the debit card. It links up straight to your checking account, no credit check, no annual fees, no interest on what you don't pay, plus LOTS of good benefits (5% off everything including online, free shipping online, donate 1% of every purchase to a school of your choice, 30 extra days for returns) so much awesomeness. I don't even work there anymore and I still love it! I use mine all the time!!!