Thursday, July 18, 2013

too good to pass up

i can't refrain from sharing this with you!
i'm in the middle of making this for pretty much FREE!(!!!!)
 photo IMG_0790_zpsb7071610.jpg
you can get 50 free photos at target this week only with this coupon
and with this wonderful woman's freebie you can print out an awesome gospel ABC quiet book!
be aware that you will need to add some of your own photos in after you print the book (dad pic, marriage pic, family pic, 2 grandparent pics, 2 child pics, mom pic).

there's tons of stuff like this i've been wanting to print out but they're always full size color pages which
a) i don't think my home color printer would print them out very nicely
b) they seem so expensive to print out at places

so with this awesome coupon and deal they were free!
you can use up to 4 of those coupons/person so you could get 4 sets of 50 for free.
you could print out one set for you with some pictures you'd like and then a few other sets of the ABC's for others you visit or home teach!

it's too easy!

ps- hopefully i'll find one of those picture books i can put these in to easily update the pictures i taped on!


Scott and Jamie said...

This is way cute, I love how you can personalize it for each kid... which, I might do. But I have a question, you'll probably think I'm lame, but how do you get your pictures in them? Did you download the original PowerPoint one? I know how to add pics in there that way, but then there's 2 to a page. How does that work to print off at Target?? Feel free to FB msg me if you don't want to reply here. Thanks Kimber!

Suzanne and Nate said...

Oh I've wanted to do this! Thanks for letting me know!

Jessie and Austin said...

You're the best!

AN Petersen said...

yay. im doing it.