Wednesday, July 24, 2013

my 2 favorite

often i'll look over and see little maxson (he doesn't seem so little when i'm carrying his carseat) in my sweet husband's arms.
those two faces are my life.
they bring me happiness.
and the 3 of us will be together forever because of our eternal marriage in the temple.
i feel so beyond lucky to be this wonderful man's wife,
to be this adorable baby's mother,
and to be a daughter of god.
 photo IMG_0925_zpsc955af30.jpg
 photo IMG_0937copy_zpseb8a60c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0919copy_zpse51af264.jpg
 photo IMG_0959copy_zps120cb5f2.jpg
 photo IMG_0922_zps0db33d49.jpg
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ps- for a wonderful video on mormon temples see here!
(a great video if you're not a mormon and want to know what we do in the temple/what they are like inside!)

pps- happy pioneer day! july 24th marks the day the mormon pioneers entered the utah valley to settle the salt lake valley 166 years ago (1847) to live their faith without persecution.
so grateful for the example the pioneers sent and all that they sacrificed.
go have some green jello in honor of mormons today, friends :)
tonight at 8 pm MST there will be a broadcast put on by the mormon tabernacle choir to commemorate the day you can watch it live here!


Nicole said...

Wasn't 1847 your gate code in high school? I remember you said "it's the year the pioneers settled in Utah" and none of us knew when that was haha :)

Maxson is unbelievably cute. So much fun to watch him grow!

Shane and Clara said...

LOVE! love, love, love the shots you captured. :)