Monday, July 15, 2013

a list of awesome things

here's the cold hard truth:
life has been super wonderful and fun lately.
reasons why.
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1. MAXSON IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!and when i say maxson is sleeping through the night i mean 10-11 hour stretches meaning i'm sleeping through the night too, hallelujah! all this crawling and pulling himself up on everything all day long business is wearing him out good. he's sleeping all night long and nearly always takes long naps during the day, i think we're turning a new leaf over here!

2. casey finished his last class/final of his first year of dental school, hip hip hooray! now he's got boards to take in a couple weeks and the first and hardest year of dental school will be behind us!

3. maxson figured out the pincer grasp last weekend (thumb and pointer finger to pick things up) and has been trying to pick up those baby puffs all the time. he used to gag hard core when i'd put them in his mouth, but he doesn't mind putting them in his mouth himself, so fun learning new things!

4. i've also discovered other things he's learned that i didn't realize i teach him: 1) if he's crawling around looking for me he goes to the kitchen first 2) he's learned if he wants more food while i'm feeding him to leave his mouth open and look to me/the spoon. seems like a strange thing to realize he's "learned" but he really did have to learn it! 

5. i took a "facebook fast" for a week and am so much happier for it. i realized i was getting on it like a jillion times a day just to see what was new and it was wasting my time. i deleted it off my phone and didn't get on it on my computer for a week. during that week i got way more projects done that i'd had the past few months (pillow covers, stenciled shirts, organizing clothes/rooms, better meals). it was such a wonderful week! i still do get on facebook now i just don't feel so compelled to do it all the time. so friends, do a facebook fast, seriously, it's well worth your time

6. but before you do your facebook fast, get on there and go like my photography page! i've been wanting to "officially" set up a photo blog/business/fb page for awhile now but always felt so inadequate. there will always be people better than me but i too have something to offer! something in me just decided to finally suck it up and do it and i'm so happy! going through all my old photo shoots helped me remember how much i really DO love taking pictures. and the more photos sessions i get to do for others the better i'm going to get for future ones! it's so fun how they turn out and seeing the happy people in front of my lens. i'm hoping to do a bunch of fun sessions this fall so let me know if you want to schedule ;) the blog page is here:

7. i finished listening to a fun book called the chase by clive cushier. quite the fun historical fiction mystery read if i do say so myself

8. i've been diligent at working out again the past few weeks during the first time period that maxson is awake and i'm feeling great! that feeling of being sore and tired and pushing your body to the max feels great.

9. i'm more than halfway through the book of mormon! the last 2 weeks i've been more than pitiful at reading everyday and have let other things get in the way and i truly have been missing out. tell me, are you reading it too? if so where you at???

here's to a great week!

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Scott and Jamie said...

Your little guy is sure getting big! I love how he sticks his tongue out all the time when he smiles. What a cutie pie.