Thursday, July 11, 2013

happy birthday to me!

i celebrated my 23rd birthday this last week!
although it was a different paced birthday than i've had before, it was special none the less!
highlight of my birthday:
my new bike!!
i've been begging for one for much too long we finally found the perfect one.
 photo IMG_0734_zps99a5f352.jpg
i put the bike seat on it and maxson and i go for little rides around the neighborhood,
i love getting out with maxson, it's just so fun!

that day we went to a friend's house to check on their chickens and garden while they're away.
maxson watched the chickens suspiciously for 20 minutes while i watered the garden.
 photo IMG_0713_zps05db6f1a.jpg
 photo IMG_0710_zps01ffe919.jpg
 photo IMG_0727_zps8d0cdc8d.jpg
it was kinda the hottest day ever on my birthday so after those 20 minutes of watering plants/watching chickens all 3 of us were soaking from humidity/sweat/heat.
maxson wasn't so happy about this hot sweatiness, ha, poor thing
 photo IMG_0719copy_zps2a6d346a.jpg
during the rest of the day we picked up a few birthday freebies from firehouse subs, buffalo wild wings, culver's custard, and iHop.
 photo Jul82013_2_zpsa766e15b.jpg
 photo Jul1120131_zps366fb8cf.jpg

in the evening before maxson went to sleep, i got a a humble version of happy birthday from casey sung to me, with maxson moaning along and a donut cake before me lit with candles.
as i held a wiggly maxson who cared less about the candles in arm's length, i blew my candles out to celebrate my 23rd birthday, my first as a momma in nebraska :)
 photo IMG_0737_zps010560f5.jpg
 photo IMG_0739_zps7f2eb4ba.jpg
here's to another great year!


Cody and Camille said...

I love your bike!!! The donut cake is so cute and creative... and who doesn't LOVE a donut?!? Happy 23rd Kimber!!!

Cherri said...

Birthdays are the best-- you make it that way.... blessings to be on this earth!--- only a short moment in time--and eternity

Cherri said...

Loved that moany face!

Alissa said...

no wonder why you were eating so many donuts! :) they do look yummy. Hope you have super fantastic 23rd year!