Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Blessing (Casey)

This past Sunday, We blessed Maxson in Arizona. I thought I would post my point of view of the whole thing because I think Kimber will put on all the pictures and tell her side of the day. We decided to do the blessing in Arizona because it is warmer, almost all of Kimber's family are down here and we will be around Nebraska/Wyoming over the next 7 years so there will most likely be a child blessed sometime around my family. Anyways it was a special day and we had been so busy we didn't even remember to buy a little outfit for him. We had picked up a childhood outfit my mom had that they blessed some of us boys in, but we kind of wanted to get a little bit of memory for ourselves by buying an outfit. Anyways we forgot about it on our trek from Wyoming to Arizona and so we called up a sister-in-law that had an outfit and decided to use that one. It was pretty adorable! The blessing really went pretty quick, and I was glad that we had family in the circle. Max was really good throughout the whole meeting just staring around at all the lights on the ceiling. Kimber was asked to give her testimony. She really is a spiritual woman that understands God's plan a whole lot better than I do. Our kids will be greatly blessed to have her as a mother.

Anyways we had a little lunch and dinner later during the day and took a few pictures to document this special day. We are grateful to have such wonderful family to support and love us. We are grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and we know he lives!

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Brooke said...

You are both so wonderful. We love and miss you guys! Max is so cute, and he is BEYOND lucky to have you guys are parents!