Friday, July 29, 2011

back east part 4

so monday morning we woke up (not early, yay), and drove our way towards washington DC!
we had 2 days there and were able to cram in so much!

it was fun passing a bunch of the cute homes there on capital hill on our way to the national mall.
they were so squished together!!

we began in museums bc it was an oober hot day out!
american history museum
natural history museum
air and space museum
top right=julia child's kitchen! woot woot!

of course all the dinosaurs and the elephant in the front!


after a whole afternoon of being museumed out, we felt ready to sit and do nothing.
our feet hurt so bad we just wanted to go to sleep!
see picture on the left
but then my uncle called and we decided we'd go out for burgers and suddenly we had all the energy in the world!
see picture on right

we met up with my uncle and we went to the super yummy shake shack!
it's more famous in NYC but we didn't have time to eat it there, so DC shack it was!
and it did not disappoint its people's opinions!
that is one yummy burger!
and i did love their fries

that's my uncle dave, my dad's brother, and helped us out tons during our 2 day stay
he was then the best tour guide we had during our whole 5 day trip and took us around to all the monuments!
reasons why it rocked with him:
a) we saw a ton more bc he knew where they all were
b) he's fun to talk to in the car
c) we had to walk less bc he drove us to all the places :)

  Lincoln memorial
WWII memorial
Vietnam memorial
Korean memorial
Jefferson memorial
Marine corps memorial
Washington monument
the White House

it was awesome going to all of them and finally seeing the character and history our country does have.
i absolutely loved it.

1 more day of our DC trip!

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Cherri said...

DC is Awesome.... lucky to have such a guide!