Sunday, December 18, 2011

some last tidbits about utah/end of the semester before we get into all the "holidays/family" posts that will inevitably come...

done with school.
utah teased us with alight dusting of snow last week (which was beautiful and completely welcomed)
i wore sweat pants everyday and may or may not have worn the exact same outfit two days in a row...
and then of course, the glorious tesing center/jsb lines
cody and camille came all the way down to provo from indiana just to see us!
well...kinda. there may have been some other people involved in the whole familytoseeinthewest ordeal...
our excitement to see jaden was like a kid on christmas morning.
he's gotten so big since 4 months ago when we last saw him!
he was obsessed with casey and wanted nothing to do with me.
i'm used to it, kids are obsessed with am i.
we went over to the grandparents for dinner, chatting, and GAMES.
games up the wazoo.
even the grandparents stayed up til 1 am with us playing games, ha!
oh, and when we left their house that night, 19 degrees!!!
blah! we couldn't have been more excited to be in AZ the following day!
mom sent up about a bajillion lemons with my brother to me.
i kid you not, a full bajillion.
i finally made time to do something with all them lemons.
my wonderful friend had a juicer so i juiced away!
the perfect lemonade is equal parts sugar and lemon juice, and twice as much water.
try it,
it rocks.
more cute pictures of abby girl while she was playing with us at our house.
she pretended to not be interested in reading books but as soon as you'd flip the page, she'd stop in her tracks and strain her neck to see what was next! 
so funny...

and lastly, we drove down to arizona!
the drive was extra pretty this time around,
sunny skies with snow all around.
we listened to the BYU v Baylor game (so close!!!!!!) and the 2nd book in the hunger games series.
and made it in 9 hours with exactly one stop.
woah, i know.

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Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Wishing you all the best for the holidays, wish we could have been there:( Love ya!