Friday, December 23, 2011

a christmas break update, from the phone.

here's arizona thus far from my telefono:

looking around at a way too expensive antique store.
IN-N-OUT. 'nuf said.
playing with phoebe outside.
casey leading annalee as she plays the piano.
shopping for food before the crowd comes into town.
casey entertaining about a million kids at the park with what time is it mr. fox
a double rainbow outside the house, prettyyyyyyy.
more goodwill shopping
(converstaions to go goodwill shopping always go as follows:
mom: kimber, wanna go to the goodwill with me?
me: no, i'll find something i want.
after cunning words, i always end up going...and finding things i can't resist...)
going on a bike ride/run. this trip ended with annalee falling on the stairs at the park which ended in an ER visit...not so fun. a little glue on the chin apparently goes a long way
annalee took the first 2 pics, just hanging.
and more playing with kiddlings.
i forgot how much i love this place!
salmon tacos are officially my favorite thing in the whole entire world.
like i've said before, tia rosas is an absolute must do thing in mesa

we have 2 parents, 5 siblings, 5 spouses (update* 4 spouses, 1 fiance:), and 4 cute grandkids.
i'm a lovin this christmas break.

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AN Petersen said...

loving the pictures. i love your family. Oh and dont curse kirky, he doesnt have a spouse quite yet. : ) ha ha