Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ghost of christmas past.

story time.
picture from april 2011

a little background
we started dating my freshman year.
the only rule my parents gave me when i went to college was don't date return missionaries.
return missionaries are only looking for marriage and my parents weren't wanting me to get married anytime soon...
so we "dated" 2 months (i didn't consider it dating though casey did).
then we were off 2 months.
we were on 2 months.
then he propsed.
then we were engaged for 8 months.
and now we've been married for 2 years!

so during those 2 months of "offness",
we kept in contact.
a little mingling here and there, ya know, couldn't cut ties all together.
well, once finals were over i was driving with a friend to the airport to go home for christmas.
in a snow storm.
and as arizona girls, we're not that hip on driving in the snow.
as fate would have it, we hit some old big block of ice/snow and got a flat tire.
once we pulled off the freeway and checked the tire,
we began calling people who could help.
she called her boyfriend, no answer.
i called both my brothers, no answer.
she called her cousins, no answer.
so i did all i could think was left.
i called the boy who i told i didn't want to date anymore: casey.

he answered,
after 2 rings.
and was there to save us,
within 15 minutes.

he saw the condition of the tire,
knew we were in a rush to get to the ariport,
during a snowstorm,
so insisted that he drive us to the airport.
this is finals week, mind you.

who does that?
come to the aid of a a girl who decided she just wasn't that into you at the moment?
ha, oh goodness, i know i was just pulling him in closer,
but he was so nice!!!
my family couldn't believe i asked him to do such a thing,
such a tease!
and poor casey, as he later tells it: you were just egging me on more and more, i was so confused!

that's our pre-marriage christmas story that will be in the vaults forever.
thanks for reading :)


Brittany said...

Oh, that's too funny. Sounds like Casey was smitten. :)

Shane and Clara said...

AWh, the ways we get winned over, huh Kimber!

Yah, mine was.....Shane somehow talked me into taking a Marriage and Family prep class at BYU with him.

So adorable, you guys are totally cute.
AND I LOVE your Christmas card!!!

You guys have so much Fun.....for Christmas, and a break from school.

LaraMackenzie said...

So lovely. :)

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Kimber you are adorable. I miss all your stories you used to tell us at Aspen Grove. Casey is such a class act.