Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas in arizona part dos.

on to christmas eve and christmas!
a friend tipped me off that bahama bucks had a groupon going on a few months ago,
so we picked up a party pack for half price and brought it home.
it was beyond awesome, we got to share the bahama bucks wonderfulness with the whole family for christmas.
flavors chosen were cotton candy (the favorite), blue raspberry, and a new found favorite, kiwi.
we of course had to get the cream to go along.
and now, as we're here in wyoming, casey has some left over syrup and has been making snow cones with the WY snow! ha

we've had an annual silly string fight with our neighbors for over 10 years now!
it actually only happens every other year now due to us being at our in-laws
but every year we've gone to their house and surprised them.
this year, they tricked/surprised us and came to our turf for the first time and on christmas eve!
ha, what an awesome silly string fight we had this year!!!
we now understand the feeling of being in your house, and suddenly being vulnerable and under attack without our silly string being ready!

when we were younger, our neighbors, the walkers, would light off flares so santa knew where we were!
we revived the tradition this year and lit our own flares christmas eve so santa knew where we were!
it was so special to us all!

we exchanged sibling gifts that night as well (some were loveingly and cutely handmade!).
my sweet mother also set up our very favorite holiday game, again, for us.
we call it, the credit card game!
she buys 2 gift cards to restaurants, wraps them in a billion layers of wrapping paper, tape, and duct tape,
we then roll dice and hope to get doubles.
if you do get doubles, you put on the gardening gloves and try ripping that baby open!
but as soon as someone else rolls a double, your turn is up, no matter how long you've had the chance to open it and the other person rips those gloves away from you!
such a hoot every year. 
it's actually just super savage and that's why we love it so much :)

christmas day was wonderful.
we had german pancakes,
opened presents, 
went to church,
and celebrated the birth of our lord and savior, jesus christ.
that night we talked about a bunch of the background research done about the savior's birth,
information we all may have not known which was so special.
i love christmas because it is that one time of year the world gathers to reflect on the savior and then our families.
if you'd like to learn more of Jesus Christ, you can visit for all the questions you have and info you hope for
or you can ask me and we can chat :)

merry christmas everyone!

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AN Petersen said...

I miss setting of sparklers on christmas ever, i am glad that you guys did it. Maybe next year we will too.
Oh and your mom told us about that credit card game a couple of months ago and we played it at a family birthday party, can i just say fun?! And yea, it got very brutle. I thought someone was gonna lose a limb.