Wednesday, December 7, 2011

christmas lovin' and yard workin'

did i tell you our chirstmas decorations are up?
instead of writing a 3 page, single spaced paper, we hung up our christmas decorations the night we got back from thanksgiving,
(all of aunt malinda's decorations in montana got me oober excited)
more to come on our decorating the tree :)
we've also been cutting out lots of snowfalkes for fun.
like, legit ones.
some patterns are from the internet, some were created with our very own T.L.C.
we've also consumed approximately 2028910832037 gallons of hot chocolate this season and not sick of it one bit.

the landscape management club had a little service project last weekend:
raking up leaves and pruning bushes/trees for the (old people) community in provo.
it was freezing, but we sure had fun together.
the best part was getting to knock on their doors and tell them we were going to clean up their yard for them, FOR FREE!
it was the best activity we've had all  year long, we were all together, happy, and serving others in need.

in other news,
it's the last week of school,
2 fist pumps for us!
and then we have one week of finals and we will be arizona bound!


curtis and jacque dana said...

I think we've had about that much hot chocolate too! The best part is the cold has just begun=much more(: good luck with finals

Brittany said...

Love the snowflakes. Wish you were coming to visit with Casey in January!