Friday, October 28, 2011

we did it

casey and i registered for our last semester of classes at BYU a few days ago!
actually casey signed up for both our classes bc i wanted to go to bed early, ha.
you'd think being seniors we'd get all the classes we want, no problem?
our lives will go on but still, we wanted those classes at those times!
some tricks we have thrown in the bag for this semester:
i'm currently registered for a sewing class,
i hear it's pretty intense (8 hours a week!!) but hopefully it'll be fun.
  i'm also trying to get into the flexibility class bc i hear it's pretty good (that was the one that was full for me, insert mean word about someone else here)
casey, on the other hand doesn't have such fun ones.
20 credits of legit, hard classes, crazy guy!!!
but he does have an extra credit to "spend" so we're trying to find a fun class for him!
we hear there's a wood working class offered somewhere on campus?
if you happen to know what the class is, sharing would be greatly appreciated!

other than that we pretty normal over here.
have a fun weekend!

ps- don't forget when carving your pumpkin, use a canning jar lid to scrape out the insides, it's WAY easier!

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