Friday, October 21, 2011

happy birthday to you.

yesterday was the mr. scott woodruff's birthday!
it was one of the few/only birthdays i actually got to celebrate with my brother this year!

so scotty, here is my tribute to you:
you're the middle child, and although you say that means you were the middle/hated/forgotten child,
it's the exact opposite.
you got the best of both worlds: you got to be with the "cool" older borthers,
and then you also got to have plenty of time with us younger ones, kirk and i

remember that 1 time you broke your leg when you were 2?
well i don't, but i know you certainly do.
you had some pretty dang cute pictures in your years.

remember how it's because of you our family has the pets we do.
zuka and tazz undoubtedly stem from you,
as well as a few of our family kitties.
for that i salute, and thank you :)

remember when you used to always sing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
literally you sang that all the time, and truly believed it too.
thank you for showing me what true confidence in one's self looks like

but overall, thanks for being my awesome brother, you're 6 years older than me,
but i've come to have so much fun with you here in provo.
i'm glad you're still here in provo and not in az yet,
bc we'd miss out on all out fun together (ie- go-peds, racing weenie dogs, cranium, settlers, and all our other games)

keep rockin it, and happy 1 day late blogger birthday to you!

ps- watch for his birthday pictures to come soon!

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AN Petersen said...

I remember when he used to sing that song too and i love the pictures. Especially the one of mike and scotty. They look so pretty. : )