Sunday, October 16, 2011

moon lift ride.

this last week we drove up to sundance to go on their moon lift ride.
twas fun as usual.
out of our 4 years, here at BYU this was our third time going.
this moon lift ride was actually mine and casey's 2nd date together, crazy enough!
so there's a special place for it in our heart, ha.

this year we met up with my dear friend, brooke, and her dear, dear friend, chrisitian.
it's always fun to get together with other couples and we truly had a wonderful time.
they had us laughing the whole time.

it was cold as usual,
but we were kind of prepared this time luckily.
snaps for kimber and casey.
we listened to the same music we did on our first date up there, presh, i know.
we laughed about the silliest of things.
we talked about how this was our last year here in provo.
we talked about numerous stories of us dating,
and funny moments we had dating.
it's so funny to look back at it all, goodness!
clockwise starting at top left:
1) brooke and christian being super cool ghost looking people getting off the lift
2) we are all awesome together. a little contrast between the two couples: brooke and christian looking all cutesy cute together. casey and kimber: bundled up like we're going to the north pole bc we've experienced being cold way too much up at sundance
3)the full moon!
4) on the ski lift. flash=really bright.


Jacie Saltzman said...

im so super jealy. i had this big elaborate surprise date planned for the shane man. ending in going on that moon lit ride last tuesday. then we ended up getting free tix to the circus. which was a disaster. and i was so upset we didnt just stick to my origincal plan. haha looks so fun!!

The Blackwelders said...

We did that too for the first time! It is SOOO fun

Brittany said...

That last pic of you two is so cute!