Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our very very very old apartment

These are some of the funny things that you should know about our house
  • it was most definitely an attic converted to our house
  • the circuit only takes 15 amps, our microwave is 12 amps, this means when we want to use the microwave it would be wise to unplug most everything else or else we'll blow a circuit (we've done this twice now:)
  • the box spring to a queen mattress doesn't fit up the stairs in our house so we sleep on our bed directly on the floor
  • the ceilings are very very short- casey has to duck his head to get into the bathroom
  • our freezer is literally an icebox
  • our oven is heated by a fire that heats it from below
  • when you open our front door, it turns straight into stairs, literally, there's no landing until the top, so when we say goodbye to people we awkwardly watch them walk down the stairs while we stay at the top bc it'd be oober awkward if we squeezed with them and walked down the stairs
  • our side room isn't insulated so it's freezing-we keep that door closed at all times
  • we can hear a lot of what the people say below us
  • there's old wallpaper, cracked parts of the ceiling, and a green carpet that doesn't match at all
  • our stove top is ultra finicky- it's an old gas one so it's either super duper hot and all the way high, or when i try to turn it down, it turns off...in other words, we're getting used to slightly burnt stuff :)
other than these small problems we love love love our little apartment,
it's perfect for us!
come visit when you'd like!


Nik and Dawna said...

lol. that is what Nik and I noticed about all those converted apartments. It's gotta be cheap though...so that must be nice. I love your spunky cute attitude about it.
If it makes you feel any better in your attic...we live in a shoebox. haha

Cherri said...

Ha Ha... you admit it is an attic!

Az Kelms said...

Hey Kimber, your mom told me about your cute little blog...hope that you don't mind. I have loved catching up on your life since you have been married. I am so happy for you. Jared and I had an apartment that sounds very much like yours when we were first married, ours was the basement though. We also couldn't get a box springs into our apartment. We went and bought a cheap box springs from the DI I think. Jared cut the box springs in half,we carried it downstarts and nailed it back together. Just a suggestion. :) You are so cute.