Thursday, April 7, 2011

little love letters

the husband, in the middle of shaking his freshly made gatorade
dear husband, today was wonderful with you. thank you for making me giggle all day. you're terribly funny and you don't even know it. i secretly like it when you tickle me even though i tell you to stop. i'd say we had a dollar well spent today.

dear indianapolis zoo, you were by far the funniest place i sent in a resume to for a summer internship

dear potato bar, you were quite the yummy dinner tonight

dear powdered gatorade, i love you. don't ever stop being made

dear school, i love to learn. really, i do! but i am very happy that there is only one week left of you til the fall

dear mr. sun, i have really missed feeling your heat on my skin. i'm glad you're back

dear friends, thank you for commenting on my blog, it's like little warm fuzzies to my heart

dear pinterest, please accept me to be a member of you. you seem SO awesome!

dear OPI, can you puh-lease lower your price by just a few bucks? that'd be great, thanks

dear dad, i had forgotten how much of an incredibly awesome persuasive writer you are, you rock

dear tangled, let's please set up a movie date soon?

dear tristan, one day you will like me (and the bottle i give you) i promise. feel better baby

dear plants, i love you. so much. even though my house isn't humid enough for you, will you stop wilting? please oh please?

dear casey, your tooth you carved tonight looks wonderful! won't it be fun when you're a real dentist someday and a machine carves it for you? oh the irony...


Scottie and Megany said...

haha this was a cute post! and tristan does like you, he just has an ear infection. he'll be better soon and it will be no problem to babysit him again.

Alexis Kaye said...

You and your hubby are so cute! :)

Kelsey Jackson said...

Kimber! I love reading your blog! It was so good to see you recently. I wish we lived by each other because I know we would play lots! I love you!