Tuesday, April 26, 2011

graduation time and skydiving!

so first and foremost, my brother, scotty, graduated from byu this past week, yay for him!

it was very fun being able to have the whole family together. i love it when we get the chance.
it's a hoot to see how all the little kids interact with each other :)
amanda and abby are missing from the picture bc abby was taking a nap

and, most excitingly we went skydiving!
ever since my mom's birthday last year, she said she's been wanting to go.
originally i think it was just going to be her and i but then casey and i got married and casey wanted to go and one by one the rest of the family jumped on board too!
we've been trying to do it for forever now and finally got to!
it was completely exhilirating and if you want to go you totally should.
we loved our experience!
although you had to sign your life away, we all lived to tell about it:
toes over the edge, back flips, 60 second free fall, freezing air, endless spinning,
the whole she-bang!

and because grandpa was with us,
we had to head to in n out immediately following our adventures to celebrate.
love that place :)


Sarah said...

oh. my. gosh. i can't believe you did that!!! so crazy

Shane and Clara said...

oh my! I bet that was a rush of FUN! HOw cool that you got so many of you all to do it!!!

Cody and Camille said...

It's makes me nervous just reading about it, but sounds AMAZING! I'm glad it's not as scary as it seems:)

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

HOW FUN!! I was never able to sky dive when Chris did because I was always prego. I was getting a rush just reading about it. Love and miss you guys:)

Anonymous said...

Crazy you are all crazy. Also it must be nice now that they finally have in n out in Utah.