Monday, April 4, 2011

general conference

general conference was beyond wonderful this april!
it's always wonderful, let's be honest.
we were fortunate enough to have the cutlers in town with us which made it that much more wonderful.
the 7 of us got to go the sunday morning session together which also included music and the spoken word (beautiful as always {casey and i decided that mack wilberg must love his job}).
the speakers were wonderful and the music was incredible.
the mormon tabernacle choir's last song was The Spirit of God, and i doubt there was a dry eye in the conference center.
i have burned that memory and those feelings i had into my heart to remember forever.
many of the stories told and words spoken really hit me and i became very emotional,
i feel so renewed and am greatly reminded that i can do more to help strengthen His Kingdom on earth
so if you live utah, you'd know that saturday was in the 70's and was beyond heavenly:
utterly gorgeous weather.
then waking up on sunday there was like 3 inches of snow outside!
yah, bi-polar utah!
it was freezing on sunday,
the snow was so pretty though!

we're super cool and arrived at like the last minute possible which means the most very back row of seats possible.
we're awesome like that
walking back to the car, we walked through temple square really quick,
and saw this sign,
and boy were they true!
ICE was falling!!!

i feel so very fortunate to be able to go to the conference center to watch and listen to general conference.
it's so surreal being in the same "room" as the prophet and apostles!
i love and admire those men with all my heart.
i wish conference was every 3 months instead of 6!


Cody and Camille said...

I had the chills the entire time the choir was singing, "The Spirit of God." The trio was amazing! All the speakers were wonderful. I esp. loved Elder Holland's talk. He spoke so powerfully!

p.s. I love seeing the Cutlers together:)

Cherri said...

Conference: a taste of heaven (btw love your coat!)