Thursday, February 3, 2011

woodruff special

sometimes i think to myself
"i want to be an awesome cook, like one of those legit moms who does it all"
then i realize i'm a woodruff
my mom.
thanksgiving day in 1992 i believe 

and we specialize in "the woodruff special": burning things :)
i'm trying to break out of the mold.
i'm working on it.
i like eating yummy things.
i like cooking with other people.
i don't like cooking by myself, eating it (especially when burnt:), and then cleaning it all up.

but, i am working on it and one day i will succeed :)

see that plant in the background? i bet you 10 bucks that's a Dieffenbachia, common name dumbcane- it's poisonous


AN Petersen said...

I love it. I love the picture. I love your mom. And i miss that kitchen.

Mrs. Darling said...

haha, is that turkey ON FIRE?! HAHAHAHAHA!

This photo is priceless.
I love your mom.

Suzie and Ryan said...

How is it even possible to catch it on fire?? I understand it being burnt, but on FIRE? Wow, that is definitely a skill! Love it!