Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hi, my name is kimber

so his blog, is mostly about things we do, or that i think,
not much about what i'm like, that make sense?
(of course you'll learn about me through what i do and think but, ya know:)
a friend and cousin tagged me to list 15 things about myself that you might not know.
so here's a little bit about me: kimberly woodruff cutler
  1. i have all my wisdom teeth still in, like full on in my mouth, helping chew my food still. 
  2. chocolate chip cookies is my absolute weakness, i inhale those babies
  3. second to chocolate chip cookies is oreos, doesn't matter where we are, if there's a dessert that has oreos in it, i'm all over it: shakes, ice cream, pie, cake, cheesecake, etc
  4. i still wear a toe ring that my dad bought for me when i was in 7th grade. i've only taken it off in very rare dance circumstances
  5. i'm anal about which hand towel you use for your hands v. your face.
  6. i love math and numbers, i really do. to me, it just makes perfect sense and i love how there's an exact answer and you can prove how you got that answer
  7. i won the 100 m hurdle race for my region in high school senior year
  8. i wear special orthotics when i work out/wear tennis shoes
  9. my favorite movies are how to lose a guy in 10 days and hitch, i've watched both a billion times and love them
  10. i was engaged at the mature old age of 18 (gasp!) and married when 19
  11. i was always considered the molly mormon of my group of friends in jr high and high school
  12. i love milk. i think i've mentioned this before but i really do! milk at every meal and during snacks i say (plus it goes beautifully with a chocolate chip cookie).
  13. this isn't about me but it's from the repercussions of me: i love shoes. when casey and i got married he had 5 pairs of shoes (1 black church shoe, 1 brown church shoe, 1 sneaker, 1 croc sandal thing, 1 basketball shoe [all in pairs of course]). in the time we've been married, he now has 15 shoes...he now understand the importance of a love variety of shoes!
  14. i'm obsessed with looking at cookie decorating blogs
  15. casey was the 2nd boy i ever kissed

i challenge/tag a few of my freshman girlies to go ahead and try this too!
(if you haven't update in awhile, here's your chance!)
good luck! hope to see your posts!


Blair said...

I was really hoping for a picture of you with this post!!! I'm glad you wrote about yourself. I like you :)

Jacie Saltzman said...

holy moly!!! #15!! way to go girlfriend!!