Friday, February 18, 2011

a little list of lately

1. there was a bat in the library the other night
2. we busted a doughnut party in the library the other night.
3. casey and i decided we want to try to run a half marathon at the end of may with his brother in indiana! wish us luck! we really want to do it but don't know how the time constraints of school will effect us when we get to our long runs
4. the ray charles pandora station is probably the best station ever
5. it's crazy to think that when the weather is in the 40's, i'm feeling great!
6. the 2 of us have had oober busy weeks with 7 tests, 2 papers, and 2 projects between the 2 of bueno.
7. i finally finished my excel class! woohoo! i feel so inspired to actually use that program now!
8. no school on monday was the most glorious things ever.
9. ever since november, we have not had a dang pair of eyebrow tweezers at our house! it's getting kind of ridiculous. first, we forgot them at the cutler's house at thanksgiving, didn't get them back til the cruise, and then immediately after the cruise when we went to az we lost them there, and then casey got some for his birthday (from my mom bc she helped in the process of losing them) but then they accidentally took them back to az. we go long weeks of being eyebrow-hideous til we can find some relative's to let us borrow them while we're with them! ha, blah! i had no idea how often i like to pluck my eyebrows (nor did casey! ha)
10. sometimes i really wish that we'd be able to live in provo for at least one summer.
11. after our run today, casey and i realized i really only enjoy working out in groups: group fitness classes as well as running in a group! my whole life i've really always ran in a group (cross country and track). this is my first time really getting into running again and it's really boring by yourself! gonna need to work on that one...
12. egg burritos are often our go to meal when we're super hungry
13. i always have something lost: for the past few months my student ID has been lost more than it's been in my hand. a few times a week casey calls my phone while we're in our apt so i can find it. our 1 set of ear buds to listen to can't be found half the time. and currently, i can't find my keys. luckily the old couple who lives next door is friends with our landlord and has spare keys to all the apartments he owns. his name is Al and her name is Dottie, i'm always embarrassed to have to ask them to let me in when i get caught without keys! but lucky me they're retired, always home, and always nice :)

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