Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's celebration

so for valentine's day i left for school at 8 am and then casey and i saw each other 8 pm that night.
cute huh?
we were too tired from our day to do anything special,
cute huh?
but on sunday i attempted to make heart shaped over-easy eggs which didn't work but the eggs were still yummy!
and we went to a baby blesssing!
and i made like a bajillion yummy heart shaped sugar cookies!
and we had a few couples over that we know to play games! (which was hilarioso)

and then on tuesday we got to watch this hilariously cute lil girl for a bit:)
we gave her suckers with with big lips on them,
she liked the sucker a lot.
we liked the big lips on her little face.
(is the picture on the right hilarious? that's her "smiling" these days: she closes her eyes and smiles, so funny)



curtis and jacque dana said...

Sounds like our Valentine's Day too!(: You're right, it's funny how once your married you never see each other. But we'll tale the time we get(: Your hair is adorable by the way, and what a darling little girl!

Cherri said...

Amazing how red Abby's hair looks in the bottem pic.. .. and Casey's lips too. :)