Tuesday, February 8, 2011

soupa bowl sunday

so growing up...i don't really remember much about "super bowl sunday"
my dad and brothers aren't really into sports so it wasn't that big of a deal.
sometimes it'd be on in the background, but it didn't mean anything.
but now that i'm married to sports lover casey d cutler,
those things have changed.
we watch sports a lot at our house
so for the super bowl this year we gathered with a few of casey's grandparents and cousins.
and in the end, we didn't really watch much at all!
we ate a yummy dinner, visited a lot, played games, and just laughed.
we had so much fun together not watching the game!
kimber, casey, fran, grandpa, becca (fran's daughter) amy, rachelle, emma ruth, helen, conrad
and fyi the girl from the last post is in this picture (well half her face is in every picture), she's still beautiful :) 
 casey and i watched some of the commercials later that night and i thought many were a hoot!

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